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Welcome to Holly Avenue Elementary School, a partnership of students, teachers, parents, and community working together to provide a challenging, engaging and inspiring educational experience for our students. Respect for self and others are fostered in an atmosphere of cooperation, collaboration and mutual understanding at Holly Avenue.
Our goal is to provide experiences and opportunities that lead Holly students to become lifelong learners who are skilled in reading, writing, listening, speaking, and critical thinking in order to serve as contributing members of local and global communities. Students participate in active learning experiences and cooperative learning techniques are strongly supported. Teachers in each grade level work as a collaborative team to analyze achievement data, set educational goals, identify and ensure essential standards are being taught and to share assessment results to enhance the quality of lessons and learning.  Our school’s goal is to improve ALL students’ success in school.  Our curriculum strives for instructional balance to meet the needs and learning styles of all students. 
Holly Avenue staff and parents appreciate that learning is a developmental process and that children need to make appropriate choices about their learning and to be personally responsible, accountable and aware of the impact we all have on others. Holly’s instructors encourage curiosity, asking questions, thinking about their own learning, perseverance and self direction. 
Students are continually exposed to instructional strategies that cause them to communicate, problem-solve, and collaborate with each other in a trusting and supportive learning environment. Cooperation and a positive sense of self are the result! 

Holly Avenue News

Parent Workshop Series

The elementary counseling team is hosting a series of FREE parent workshops presented by experts in the field. The scheduled workshops will be from 6-7 pm followed by a Q&A session. January 27, 2021 “Raising the Screen Generation: From Roblox to TikTok, The Dangers of Social Media and Gaming.” February 24, 2021 “How to Talk to Your Child About Difficult Topics” March 31, 2021 “Addressing Stress and Anxiety in Our Children” April 28, 2021 “The Well Balanced Student"
parent workshop series

Arcadia Unified School Spotlights

Join us as we shine a spotlight on the wonderful work being done at each of our schools to keep students connected, engaged, and happy.
Arcadia Unified School Spotlights Template

A Healthier You!

Enjoy and explore this website created by a former Holly Dolphin, Ella Yee. Ella created this website as a part of her Girl Scout Gold Award Workshops.
Healthy Kids Clip Art


Our Purpose:
To challenge and inspire students to make a positive and profound impact on their world.