Executive Board & Committee Chairs

2017 - 2018 Executive Board

President                                                                               Claudia Bocanegra

Executive VP                                                                         Darla Steindler

1st. VP Publicity                                                                    Diana Bacero (Sanchez)

2nd. VP Ways & Means                                                         Christina Jackson

3rd. VP Legislation                                                                James Keyston

4th. VP Membership                                                              Lucy Barnett

Treasurer                                                                                Maggie Jiang

Financial Secretary                                                               Nora Wilson

Secretary                                                                                Aileen Truesdale

Auditor                                                                                    Uyen Wong

Historian                                                                                 Kathrine Gearheart

Parliamentarian                                                                      Chris Truesdale

2017 - 2018 Committee Chairs

AEF Representative                                                                 Aileen Truesdale

Back to School Picnic                                                             Aileen Truesdale

Back to School Picnic                                                             Darla Steindler

Book Fair                                                                                  Claudia Bocanegra

Book Fair                                                                                  Aileen Truesdale

Can you help Can Food Drive                                                Christina Jackson

Child Health Council Representative                                     Aileen Truesdale

Dolphin International Day                                                       Claudia Bocanegra

Donuts with Dad                                                                       Paula Rothschild

Donuts with Dad                                                                       Kristi Freese

Family Movie Night                                                                  Salma Waseem

Father Daughter Dance                                                            TBD

Father Daughter Dance                                                            TBD

Fifth Grade Promotion                                                              Aileen Truesdale

Fifth Grade Promotion                                                              Lucy Barnett

Fifth Grade Promotion                                                              Nora Wilson

Holiday Shop                                                                            Claudia Bocanegra

​Holiday Shop                                                                            Lucy Barnett

Holiday Shop                                                                            Aileen Truesdale

Hospitality/Teachers Treats                                                      Darla Steindler

Kindergarten Welcome Chair                                                   Paula Rothschild

Mom and Son Bowling                                                             Diana Bacero

​Mom and Son Bowling                                                             Lucy Barnett

Muffins with Mom                                                                     Nora Wilson

Red Ribbon Week                                                                    Lucy Barnett

Reflections  Co-Chair                                                               Diana Bacero

Reflections Co-Chair                                                                Mohana Kakumanu

Restaurant night                                                                       Kerri Miller

Room Representative                                                               Kristi Freese

Scholarship Chair                                                                     Aileen Truesdale

Teachers Appreciation Week                                                    Kerri Miller

Volunteer of the Month                                                             TBD

Welcome Back to School Coffee                                              Macy Wang